Web Templates

As I have said before, I prefer designing sites myself. That is part of the joy of what I do. If I pay someone else to design it, then I take away whatever joy I had. But, I know not everyone agrees with this. So there are places where you can buy templates.

One such place is TemplateMonster. This appears to be the biggest place, and the one all the other sites resell templates from. It has some very nice designs, and many different categories.

Another such place for templates is 4Templates.com. Similar to the other service, but they don’t have a one time fee that will take the design off the market. Apparently they also develop business cards and logos, though I can’t say I like any of them.

  • Stevestemplates: These templates are free. They are not bad looking, as templates go.
  • Site2you: I’m not sure about this because, guess what, it doesn’t work with my browser. Oh well. There are some good looking design there. Apparently, though I couldn’t get to the page, it cost as little as $59.99.
  • But wait, there is even more. On the Site2you page, there is a link to WebDesignHelper.co.uk (although the url they link to is something else). Interestingly, they link back to Template Monster too, for the high end designs. A cute feature they have is when you take a look at a template it will tell you how hard it is to work with it, who created it, and when it as created.
  • Boxed Art.com: has an interesting idea. Instead of having to buy the design to take it off the market, which you can do, they say that if the design is purchased 15 times, it will be taken off. And of course, the price is quite low, for the standard templates. $28.99.
  • FreeWebsiteTemplates: Another place that is developing templates, and not only listing them on their site, but also selling them to other sites to sell, as well as selling designs from other people. It is all quite mind boggling.
  • There are more besides these. It makes my head spin how many there are. These were just the few I came across when I discovered the TemplateMonster. Makes me a little sick. No wonder people don’t want to pay to have sites designed, if they know about these things. The only good thing is that they still need someone to set these up, once they’ve downloaded the templates. And, looking at these designs I also feel that they all have the same sot of look to them. I wonder if soon you’ll be able to tell a template created site from one done by a graphic designer, just for the site.

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