We must have electricity

With the recent storm that passed through the Bay Area (and might still come back for more), I am reminded of how much we use electricity for.  Not that I didn’t know. I did, but it takes, as it does every winter, a day or so without power to make you feel like you can’t do anything in your house, or work.

And sure enough, I lost power at the start of a business day, and had to wait until Saturday night to even check my email. Not a big thing, but that is how I get my jobs. We have come to rely on it so much that people know there is something wrong if we don’t reply back right away. I found that people wrote me on Friday saying, oh you must be out of power, as I haven’t heard from you.

One good thing was it was out over the entire area. I remember once when it snowed I had to explain to a client that it was snowing, the power was out and the roads were closed, and as soon as that situation changed, I would drive some where and email her the file. She was indigent.  This time I had offers of space to get a cup of electricity if I so chose.

So, give me water, heat, electricity and I am able to work  One good thing about having a portable office is I can do so anywhere.

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