We are being watched

In the recent Tech Notebook section of the Mercury News Business section, there was a short blub about a study to see just how much we are being tracked by the internet. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we have no idea just how much we are tracked, and if we did we would probably not be too happy with it.

The study is being done by Carnegie Mellon University, and involved filling out a simple two page questionnaire, and then installing, if you want to, the privacy finder into FireFox or IE. (Doesn’t appear to work with Safari). Once you do this, you will see if the site you have searched for, through Google or Yahoo has a privacy policy. Most, from the short time I searched, did not.  However, it may just be because they have not looked in the right place. According tot he FAQ, it looks for "/w3c/p3p.xml" and if it doesn’t find it, it assumes it does not exist. This might be part of the problem as well.

What the Tech Notebook noticed, however, was that we would be amazed once we did see what the policy was, not so much the lack thereof, because there are just some sites out there that want to sell all oru personal information.

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