Virtual Slush Pile

I have been wanting to write about the Harper Collins Virtual Slush Pile since they announced it on the Chris Evans Show on Oct. 10th, but haven’t not been able to find it on the web until just recently. But I still can’t find anything on their own site.

From what I undestand, and from what I heard, it would be place to post a book that you would like the world to look at. Apparently Harper Collins doesn’t like using a Slush Pile because of libal reasons, but they figure if they have a web site where people’s writings could be posted, it would be just fine.

Doesn’t mean you’ll get published, but who knows. They said they might see something or someone they liked. In fact, this news story says that might be just what could happen.

the most popular titles will then be considered for publication.

Probably the reason that more isn’t out there, on this, is because (their name for the site) hasn’t launched yet. It should launch early next year.

So, if you know some aspiring writers, and I guess all blogers have a little of that in them, let them know about this site, once it launches.

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