Version tracker

How do you keep track of all the updates out there. Well, you can go to all the websites, of all the manufacturers of all the products you have, or you can use Version Tracker. This site has updates for Windows, Mac OSX, OS9 and Palm OS. you can find out about upgrades for shareware as well as commeerical products. There is even a catagory for Beta upgrates. And, if you aren’t sure what the latest version is, you can find it here too.

Version tracker is also cool, because it has news as well, about things that are going on.

I’ve never thought of going to Version Tracker to find the latest shareware. I usually go to TuCows. I like TuCows because it rates the programs, something Version tracker does not. But Version trackers is good too, once you’ve gotten shareware or freeware, to see if it’s been updated.

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