Various flavors of System X

Ah, it isn’t enough now to have your Mac running System X, but now there are have and have nots depending on if you are running System X, System X.2 (Jaguar) or System X.3 (Panther). Jaguar is different enough (and most people did start with Jaguar, because X was very buggy. I was at a client’s the other day, and I knew I was looking at a Mac, but so much was different. Ah, Panther. Yes, it is different enough that books state which flavor of System X it is, such as Robin Williams Mac OS X Book” about Panther or her book about Jaguar.

Even magazine, such as MacWorld or MacAddict have to say which version of X they are giving you tips for. So far, there aren’t any programs that only work on System X.3, but I’m sure there will be.

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