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I know I have written about YouSentIt here before, but I am finding that I really need to write about them again. I came into a situation where I had to use them. Last time I was there, it hadn’t worked quite right, so I wasn’t too happy. But the file was large and my client didn’t want me to use an FTP server, which I have done in the past. She just wanted it as email, so she pointed me to YouSendIt. I had been there before, a while back, but hadn’t seen it since it got all spiffied up.

This is what their opening screen looks like. Very slip, and corporate looking. Hard to imagine that at one point, according to an article in the San Jose Business Journal, that they were thinking that their site was supposed to used for transferring video and music. They figured that that was their client base, until they took a survey and found it was files, such as mine, the large graphic file, or large powerpoints that had to be moved from office to office, and people didn’t want to FedEx it. They wanted it today. So they refocused the business, and it worked. Their business had grown. Wow, serving business people. Who would have thought?

Back when I first started using the site, it looked somewhat like this. (I got this shot from the "Wayback Machine" site. I don’t usually keep screen shots from old website, unless I designed them. And sometimes, not even then, unfortunately.) Back then, I couldn’t be sure the the file was loading or sending, and a lot of people hadn’t heard of the site. It was a bit of an education thing.

So, the transition went smoothly, the client got the files, and I became inamered to the new YouSendIt, which is great, as it gives me another option to follow.

Amednment to the is post:

I tried to replay to a comment from James, but thought I should really write it here, in case no one reads the comments:


Interesting site Botfile. However, I can find no information on the company that appears to have been created fairly recently. Their whois doesn’t list any names or anything, other than they are in the UK, and there is no way to contact them by phone or snail mail listed anywhere on the site. I would be concerned about paying for a service with them, since they have hidden themselves so well.

I almost didn’t publish your comment, but did note that the site had a free service.

Note to Mac users, it apparently doesn’t like it if you use Safari or FireFox.

Note also that this is not an endorsement. Use at your own risk, as I haven’t, unlike YouSendIt, which I have used and liked.

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