Useful information, right.

Magazines are always trying to entice me to subscribe, especially Mac related magazines, and sometime I do, based on a sample issue, especially if the information is useful, and contains information I didn’t have before.

So I was a bit disappointed when I received a sample newsletter called “The MacAuthority“, the other day. The front page, where the most useful information is, purported to be giving you tips on how to use Google. “Wow, ” I thought, “tips that I’ve not heard of great.”

So what was the first tip they told you. Use quotation marks. Well no duh. Of course you do. What person doesn’t know that. They wrote this as though this would be the biggest news since the invention of the iPod, and they said this was especially for Safari users, since they had a built in Google search. Yeah, just like FireFox and Camino and Opera do. BFD. But wait, there was even more. They said if, gasp, you had things in quotation marks and added a + whatever to the search window it would narrow the easer even more. Will wonders never end.

The rest of the sample newsletter was more of the same common sense information that the opening pages had. Did you know you should use the Software Updater when it tells you it has new system software? Wow!

I was so excited I dropped the newsletter in the trash, and haven’t removed it since.

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