Typefaces and the Mac III

Another day, another blog about Typcon . Even if you do not plan to go, since it is in San Francisco, you might want to check out the home page, which lists some great type related links. This is my third installation of what I found there.

  • Diadal: Sometimes I think people that everyone knows what the heck they are talking about, when not everyone does. This is supposed to be a type related site, but you wouldn’t know it. I have wandered around this site, and have figured that yes, there is type here, but this appears to be a odd sort of type-blog. Not sure why they are sponsoring this conference.

  • Emigre: This site comes right to the point and lists all their fonts on the home page. Of course, they are a foundry, so they need to get to the point.
  • Microsoft Typography: This is more for the PC person, which doesn’t surprise me. You will find TrueType and ClearType here. They do have some good links though.
  • My Fonts: I’ve talked about this site. Great stuff. Easy to use. Easy to make purchases. Their slogan is “Find Fonts, Try Fonts, Buy Fonts!”. Yes, that’s all you need.
  • Typco: This site appears to do custom design as well as logo design and graphics. Take a look at their portfolio. Great stuff.
  • Typotect: A typographic Community. A place you can learn about what is going on in the world of type. And of course, free fonts.:)
  • Typographica: a professional blog on all things typographic. (And if you refresh the page, you will get a different heading each time.) Rather cool.
  • Alphabet Farm: is actually the stone Type Foundry. It has all the Stone designed fonts. rather nice. A bit difficult to order, though but most can be had at other foundries.
  • Altered Ego Fonts: Not one of the sponsors, but one of the foundries on the list of SOTA, the Society of Typographic Aficionados. Some nice fonts.

Whew. That’s the lot of them. Very interesting, wandering around in the world of type. Working on the web, one doesn’t play with type as much as in print, and perhaps we should.

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