Typefaces and the Mac II

TypeCon 2004 is coming to San Francisco in July (21-25th be exact). That is interesting in itself, but what I found really interesting was how many type houses there were out there, mentioned as sponsors or partners. I discussed some of them in my earlier posting, now I’ll go over a few more.

  • Holland Fonts: This appear to be a very small house of fonts. Interesting, but nothing that really stood out. However, they have a gallery showing how their type has been used, as well as a few free fonts.

  • House Industries: I’m familiar with this foundry because I have used their fonts before. They are fun and funky; mostly display type. They have a cool little feature that allows you to type in sample words to see how they will look with a particular type face
  • P22Online: This one I hadn’t heard of, which doesn’t surprise me all that much. They have a cute section on typography, which explains, among other things, how to use the hyphen, the m-dash and the n-dash. [This reminds me of the book I just finished reading, that I would recommend highly: Eats, Shoots and Leaves, an easy manual (and very amusing at that), on how to use punctuation.]
  • Phil’s Fonts: This foundry says that they specialize in creating unique type. They also appear to sell other people’s fonts.
  • Typebox: Seeing page after page of type face vendors, I feel sometimes that they need someone to stand up and say “This is what we are good at. This is what we specialize in. I turned to this page, and had to search to find what it is that makes this foundry unique. Yes, the have free fonts, as the others do. They have a section on how to use typefaces, and a cute section on luggage stickers in their thinkbox section. I was not overly impressed.
  • Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute: This is a clever looking site. This foundry features odd looking fonts. On the front page it shows off old fashioned looking typefaces. Mostly display type, but very cool display type. They treat their site like a museum, and have their fonts organized around things like “Dark and Horror” and “Old and Mystical”.

And there are still more foundries yet to look at. I’ll look into more of them, later this week.

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