Twittering my way through WordCamp, San Francisco

One of the problems with having two tracks at a conference is that you can’t attend both speakers. When I was at WordCamp this weekend, the conference for people who are using WordPress, they had two tracks going most of the day., I got on Twitter. Patrick Mountain, who came with me, asked how that was going to help. I said that while I sent out tweats, with the #wordcamp, others were going to be doing the same, and all I had to do was follow the threads, and I could see what was going on, and sure enough, I was able to. And others were doing the same thing, commenting on what was being said, as well as making stupid remarks about the squeaky chairs.

But, oh, how interesting to watch and listen to one presentation, and then follow what we being said in the other room. It was a great place to get the main points. And this is what I will have to live with, until the videos are posted on the wordpress video site.

It so heavy with traffic on twitter, that we made the top 10 list of subjects being twittered about, which was both cool, and annoying. Cool, for the usual reason, annoying, because we kept getting false posts just to get their twitters read.

And as I looked out over at the sea of laptops screens, I could see that others were doing the same, both reading and commenting as the sessions went on.

Best use of twitter I’ve seen yet. :)

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