Twitter, is it still hip if it is mentioned by Steven Colbert?

I have been resiting using Twitter, but as you may notice, I now have a twitter link on my blog, so who knows, I might yet be dragged into the 21st century.

Oh, I reisisted when my younger collegues strated using it, and when my peers started using it, but when I started seeing it mentioned on WIC and SFWoW, I figured it had gone mainstream.  Social Media, Web 2.0. When do we have time to work if we are following people's tweets all the time? Perhaps that is the sign of an economic downturn, everyone has time to follow their tweets around.

And then, on Indecision 08, Steven Colbert made fun of Twitter, by pretending to do so while he was co-hosting the show.

It must be mainstream now.

Now, to just find something to twitter about.

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