Tweets, Bing, and how people on Adium don’t seem to care about AIM

Oh, I am all over the place with this post. ┬áLet’s see if I can get my thoughts straight on this. As I wrote the other day, the way I found out how to fix Adium and its linking to Yahoo IM was by searching Twitter. I couldn’t find it by doing just a google search. Not sure why. Perhaps because Twitter is more immediate, and people complain there. I would have thought there would be something in blogs, but haven’t found anything quite as immediate as Twitter.

I went there the other day to see if I could find a solution to a similar problem I was having with AIM. I didn’t even know I was having the problem, since I have so few people I link to on Adium who use AIM, but I do have one, and I kept checking to see he was on, and he wasn’t. At first I figured he was just on vacation, and then I noticed AIM wasn’t linking. Sigh, back to Twitter, but so far, no solutions, just a few people saying they had the problem.

So, how does Bing come into all this. Well, Bing is trying to be the Google of the moment, and spending, oh, $100K to do so. But, the most recent development is they will be following larger twitter users. Makes sense that they would follow only the ones with large followings. Not sure if they are the ones that would be talking about the things I would want to search for, but you have to start somewhere.

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