Trends I have noticed in design

The weird thing about everyone owing a computer is that we all have the same, or similar, programs to create the things we create. There are a few that still do it by hand, but in the end, they will transfer it to the computer so it can be reproduced. I think this is why we all copy each other.

When I first started freelancing i noticed that everyone wanted drop shadows. They had just become a selection in Photoshop and every design out there had them. I had one client comment about how sick he was of them, and couldn’t people come up with something a little more creative?

So, here is my beef, reflections. This, like drop shadows, first was only available on a few programs, and wasn’t all over the ‘net’, but now it is everywhere. I have a client that has it all over their website. Not sure why. I guess they think it looks slick. And of course Apple does it on iTunes.

So, please, no more reflections and no more drop shadows.  We really shouldn’t all jump on the same band wagon, or it might tip over.

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