Too many beeps for my ears

I kept hearing a beeping something this morning, something warning me about something, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. Was it my cell phone? no. Was it the smoke alarm? No. Was it the surge protector? No.  I thought for a moment it was the intercom, but it wasn’t that either. I knew it was coming from the area around my home office, so I moved from where I was eating breakfast, and stood in the cold, dark office, listening, but of course, then it didn’t make a noise. It wasn’t until I returned to my breakfast that it went off again.

I stood as close to where the sound was coming from as I could, and finally discovered it was my partner’s cell phone, which she had neglected to recharge.

There ware too many beebing things in the world.

There is even something that beeped at me, in my car, at 1pm. I have yet to find what it is. It isn’t my cell phone. It isn’t my daughter cell phone. Who knows what the heck it is.

I wish the devices would yell out as to where they are coming from. Say something like "Beep…I’m your smoke detector." "Beep, I’m your cell phone.". It would make life so much easier.

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