Time and stopped watches

The other day the battery on my watch died. I was too busy, for about a week, to run over to the battery shop or watch fixer, and get a new battery. I figured it wouldn’t matter to much, after all, I have watches all over the house; two in my bedroom, two or more in my office (and on the computer), two in the kitchen, one in the car.  I could survive without it right?

Well, yes and no. I kept the watch on my wrist to the time it had stopped at, 8:20. And despite knowing it was not working, I found myself looking at it when I wanted to know the "real" time. You see, my car clock is 13 minutes fast. It gains about 2 minutes every year, and rather than continuously resetting it, I just figure out how much I have to subtract. And I always have to let new people, when they get in the car, know what time it really is. It was easier when it was a value of 5. Now, I have to do more math in my head. My bedroom clock is about 15 minutes fast. I do that, to trick myself into getting out of bed.

My partner has her clock set 20 minutes ahead, which confuses me, and probably her as well, but she says it helps her get out of the door on time.

In the dining room, I have to turn a certain way to see the clock n the kitchen, so I am used to looking at my watch as I eat breakfast. I kept looking and then remembering and turning to view the clock.

And weirder then subtracting 20 or 13 minutes, I listen to the BBC, so I have to add 8 hours when they announce the time. I sually know that 5pm is  9am, and 3am is 7pm, but other times, I get off, especially when they move a show that used to be on at 2:30pm and is now on at noon our time.


It was a hard week. I was very happy to get a functioning watch back.

Which is silly, because, time is relative, and it shouldn’t matter.

But it did.

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