Throwing Resumes out with the Spam

According to an article from the Wall Street Journal ( reprinted in the Arizona Central, Spam Filters are now throwing email with resumes into the spam bucket. This is distressing news, since so many jobs want you to email your resume to them.

According to an article on, you can’t even assume that your resume has gotten through and you are just being ignored. If your ISP is bad, you’ll be thrown away with the spam. Like the article in the Wall Street Journal, they suggest not using words that have money in it, or anything sort of words that spam filters will pick up on. Make sure you are not using words such as “Free” or “Great offer” or any of those common Spam words. They also suggest following up with snail mail.

The article suggested sending mail to yourself to see if it made it past your spam filter. One person said she tried three different account to check to see if she passed the through the filter. The reason all this is so distressing and such big news, is that according to the San Jose Business Journal, 56% of all resumes are being sent by email.

So what is the answer?

It doesn’t help to post your resume on a website either, because apparently, people who do that are getting spammed more. You can’t win.

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