Throughts on CS4 Dreamweaver

Oh, I had high hopes, when I installed CS4. I plunged into right into using it, then it a road block. Whereas before, I could add a background image to a cell from the design pallet, that option seems to have vanished

I searched around, and finally had to go back go CS3.

Also, because I am running on a G5, which was oh so fast, what 2 years ago, the newer applications are all built for faster and faster machines, thus they load slower and slower on my Mac.

So, for now, I am going to use Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS2, and Photoshop CS2. I have tried Illustrator CS4, and it is just as slow as all the other versions, and they dont' appear to have removed anything I need.

More detailed reports as I go along.

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  • willethompson Says:

    There is a difference between ‘cutting edge’ and ‘bleeding edge’ and CS4 crosses it. I STRONGLY recommend staying with CS3 for at least two ‘upgrades’ (aka patches) unless you enjoy work stoppages as software crashes. ; p

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