Thoughts on Websites and Clients

It used to be, that if you wanted to find out more about your client, you could go on the web and look up what you wanted. A story Chris Finnie told me a while back was when she had to write a brochure on a client’s product, she went to their website to read about it. Later, when she had to write another brochure, and had to get more information, she found that they had rewritten the website to reflect what she had written, so she couldn’t get new information.

While I don’t write for my clients, I do do layout for them, and sometimes, I think to myself, oh, I wonder what is going on with this or that, but because I maintain their website, all the stuff I put up there. There is nothing new that I can find out, unless I delve into the private folders that have been put up for temporary work. I suppose I should be happy that I have control over all these sites. Actually I do. It is nice knowing that when someone asks me to update a page, I can know that it is not one, but several that have to be updated to reflect the new information.

But I am also happy that I have weaned on of my clients off using me for every little thing, and turned her onto using Contribute. I was explaining this to Patrick Mountain, the other day, as we discussed how to handle smaller clients. I had one client that always wanted to do minor text changes, and I hated to charge her for changing one word here and there. I got her to start using Contribute, and now I don’t resent her asking for changes all the time. I was charging her a flat rate for maintenance anyway, and now I use that to just make the major updates. She is happy, and I am happy.

So it works both ways.

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