Thinking about writing is not writing

I keep thinking about what I want to write about, and I write great posts in my head, but as Lynda Barry pointed out, in her wonderful book What it Is  just thinking about it doesn't make it so, and that is why you haven't read any of the brilliant post that I have been writing, as I do other things, such as work.

This one is a bit diffcult to read, but like her book One Hundred Demons, she points out things that I often forget, such as that creating things is fun, and the best kind is when you enjoy doing it, rather than agonizing over it.

So, while I don't recall all the things that I was going to write about, I do recall one of the problems I had writing.

As I mentioned, I have been using my iTouch more, to write entries, because I can do it anywhere I have WiFi.  The problem, and I will be glad when it is solved, is that you can't cut and paste. This is soemthing that has been around forever, but isn't availabe on the iTouch (on the iPhone as far as I know, though I have heard that apps are trying to fix that).

But until they do, it will be just that much harder to make entries, and eaiser to make excuss to not posting.

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