Things you should never do in a job

This may seem like a no-brainier, but I have now run into this three times, so I think it is time to discuss it.

Never shout at your client on the phone. Never shout at your vendors, and never shout at your co-workers. Don’t do it. You can’t win. Shouting does not get you anywhere. You may feel better, but it doesn’t improve whatever the situation was, before you started shouting. I have been shouted at twice, since I began my freelance career, and both times I have calmly told the person shouting that I resign the account, that I will do no more work for them, and please don’t call me again.

It is simply not worth the hassle. It is rather like what they tell you about spousal abuse. If you are struck once, you will be struck again, so don’t go back for more.

And what was the third time, you may ask? A client had a vendor shout at her. She didn’t hang up on him, but told him that that was one, and he didn’t get a second one. She explained that though she didnt’ like it, it was more of a pain to find a new vendor, at that moment, but if he did it again, she would drop him in  moment, and have no regrets.

So, think about that, the next time you get angry about someone. Write a letter that you never send. Sweat about how stupid they are. Call up friends and mock them, but don’t shout at them on the phone. You will be in a far worse place.

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