There be dangers in WiFi, even in your own home

There is a bakery in Boulder Creek, that has free WiFi. It isn’t because they subscribe. It is because it leaks from the architecture’s office upstairs. The customers are happy. They can sit and eat their fresh pastries and drink their coffee, while they check their email. It doesn’t bother the architect, and so he doesn’t bother to password protect his WiFI.

I live on a busy street, but not, as far as I know, one where people troll for WiFi. Even so, I have password protected mine, just in case someone wanted to park outside and try to use it. Dean Takahashi, in his column in the Mercury News, said that he hadn’t password protected his network, and found a woman doing just that, using his internet, from the street.

When I was at my mother’s house, in L.A., she lives across the street from an apartment building, and I was able to pick up two networks, while sitting at the kitchen table.

There is nothing wrong, you would think, but there is. If you leave your network open, others can get in. They can pick up passwords, they can see what you are seeing. They can do harm. So even though it is a pain, even though it appears as though it harms no one, password protect your WifFi.

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