The world of the web as viewed through an iTouch

One of the first things I have discovers from surfing with the itouch is that some sites actually behave differently when they sense you are using a handheld device. Typepad is one of them as is Google news and gmail. The other sites don't change at all the only good thing is you can enlarge or shrink the screen on the no mobile versions of sites. This is quite cool and I wish I could do that on my regular computer.

I have worked on WAP pages before, for one of my clients and so I am familiar with things having to fit a certain way. But this is different.
Designing a mobile device page takes a bit more thought then trying to fit all the info you need into a small screen. You have to take into account how people will need to use it for example typepad puts all the major keys on one screen, very easy to use. And gmail has everything together as well. I wish that yahoo mail would design something like that as it is not only hard to use but uses classical Instead of their new an improved stuff.

I wonder how many sites will have two versions. I would think it would be a growing market and more sites will be set up for it.

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