The power of thinking off the clock, in the shower, in bed

I attended a WordPress meet-up on Tuesday, and while I will probably write about that, at some point, one of the things that came up was how long it took to do the work. The presenter was showing a WordPress site that he had built over the weekend. After we had picked our collective jaws off the floor we wanted to know how long various bits had taken him. One thing he said, which I thought was striking, was that some of the solutions to problems he had come up with when he went out for his bike ride, or while was in the shower.

Ah yes, the power of not trying and failing over and over again, and taking a break. It is well documented that sometimes we think best when we are away from the problem.

I bring this up, because I was faced with a problem yesterday which I fooled and fooled with, and couldn’t solve. While I lay in bed this morning, my mind came up with a solution, so that by the time I got to the computer and fixed the CSS, that had been giving me fits, it was only a matter of minutes before it was fixed, instead of hours, as I had looked at last night, when I had given up on working on it.

So, my advice of the day, step away from the computer.

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