The lure of wordpress

The lure of WordPress is that the common folk, so to speak, can put up their website and maintain it, with ease.

I fell for that hype, and didn’t offer WordPress websites for quite some time for my clients, preferring to build them in css and html, as though that was better.  I thought anything that simple would only bread simple looking sites, and some sites you can spot as WordPress, even today, as though whomever put up the site didn’t bother to make any changes to the basic theme.

But, as WordPress got better and better, I no longer  ask if they would like it in WordPress, I just give it to them that way, and let them know they can have a blog, or they don’t have to have a blog, almost as though the blog is an afterthought of the whole site.

We are now up to 3.3.2, and each update has made it easier for my clients to maintain their own site, if they want to, or just turn it over to me to maintain because they don’t have the time.


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