The difference between and .com

I had a client decide to do a new blog, recently, and she chose to put it up on has a free blog service. It is quite good actually. It allows you to do stats, it allows you to import your own header. It is actually quite robust for a free blog service, and that is what I used to set up my daughter’s site, which I mentioned the other day.

But, I was spoiled, when I went in to format this new site, because the time before, I had been able to actually design, or modify the look and feel more, and I couldn’t. We both realized, at about the same time, that the last time she had used through HostMySite.

And once we realized that, I was able to make all the modifications I had been able to before. WordPress’s free service is fine, but wow, there is so much more with the org version. There is a vast amount of templates to choose from, and once you have installed a template, you can make modifications to the css, and to the header, and all sorts of things.

In the past, I have pointed people to typepad, because, well typepad offers all the cool features too, but WordPress has many more people working on the templates, and you can fiddle around so much. Good thing that they are made by the same company, or I would feel conflicted about suggesting one over the other.

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