The buzz of Buzzword and Adobe

At first, when I saw  that Adobe was buying Buzzword, I thought, that’s weird. Not that I had ever heard about Buzzword, but I always like to know what Adobe is up to. I especially thought it was strange when I read that Buzzword was a word processing program, when, as they pointed out in PC Magazine, Adobe is know for the creative side.

But it sort of makes sense. Adobe is also about Acrobat, which is all about file sharing, and if you think about it that way, then having a word processing program would be a good fit, especially one that is cross platform, the way the Buzzword is supposed to be. I guess they are worried that the rest of the world isn’t using enough of their products.

There is a lot of bitterness, from what I have read, from people who liked the free Buzzword, and wanted it to stay that way. When I started researching this, I thought i would just find a weird piece of software that no one had heard of. I didn’t think I would get into a war of Word like programs.

I still use Word, as I have said before, because I have to. And I only use it because my clients use it, and I have to make things for them in word.

I would gladly do without it, and it will be cool to see what Buzzword offers. This is not to say that everything Adobe buys and tries to incorporate into its line survives, a good example being GoLive and PageMaker. But one never knows.

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