The Bloggies

In the interest of doing a little dwellings on ones naval, here are the Bloggies award winners. No, it wasn’t enough that were were Webbies, back in the old days of the turn of the century, when the web was hot, now there are awards for
us talking about ourselves and others. :)

Funny thing, the awards were given out at South
By Southwest
, a celebration in Austin Texas, which BBC 2 has been broadcasting live all the week it was on.

Of course, do I hear about this on local station in the San Francisco Bay Area? No. Do I read about it in the local papers? No. I find out about these things from my friends on my email lists. I’m not a luddite. I embrace technlogy, but I find it strange sometimes that I hear the BBC in the background, and my 9 year old daugher reconnizes and can see the dj’s theme songs. She can not imagine a world without the internet, much less a computer.

Wonder when she’ll do her first blog.

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