The Anti-Spam industry

Spam is so overpowering, so much part of our world, that currently there are 150 companies trying to fight it, according to a recent article in Silicon Valley Biz Ink What is interesting is not that there are 150 companies, but that the article felt that was too many and that by year end, there would only be 10 left.

The blame? The article blames venture capitalists who want their money, rather than the fact that perhaps spam will just go away. Spam control, if anything, is a growing problem, and thus a growing industry to fight it.

And although everyone in the world has written about this already I find it funny that GMail, Google’s new free mail service that will be starting soon, says in it’s FAQs that they will protect you from Spam, and in the next sentence they talk about how they will have only relevant text ads in your gmail.

Will I get a GMail account? Perhaps for travel, which is what I use my yahoo account for right now. It is also a great way to send email when your local service isn’t working for reasons that blow the mind, such as forces of nature.

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