The airlines all assume we will have a computer at the end of our journey

All of us, under the age of about 50, now buy our tickets online. And there is nothing wrong with that, but we can only print out our boarding passes 24 hours before we depart. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. It is only the return journey that I always worry about. We are always left to assume that some how the place we are going to will have a) a computer and b) a printer.

So far, all the people I have visited, have, I have to admit. Even in my most recent journey, to a friend who is never on the computer, and swears that she hardly ever uses it, has it set up, with the internet, and a printer. In fact, when I went into her guest room to print out my boarding passes, one of her other guests was in there doing the same thing. We assume too much. I wonder who I will visit who won’t have this set up.  Even my mother, who also doesn’t use the internet, or her computer, still has it hocked up so that her guests can print out boarding passes.  (Not the reason she has a computer, to be sure, but a good thing still)

I did not, when I went to England, have this problem, all of two years ago, a) because I did have access to a computer, my laptop, but b) because my mother, who is 80, purchased the tickets, using something I think they call…a travel agent.  What a quaint idea. Having both tickets before you begin the journey. Wow. Wonder if that will catch on.

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