The Advertisers know where you live

The Facebook fuhrer over advertisers knowing what they bought and when, has settled down a bit since it became an op-in type program, late last week, but this neglects the fact that we are targeted much more than we think.

I am most often reminded of this not when I go to, for example, Amazon, although it does a good job of remembering what I liked and bought last time, but to, of all places, The Guardian, out of the UK. If you go there, you will notice that the banner ads are for products local to your area, or at least your country. This is not true on all sites in the U.K. But it was startling to find it so here.

According to a recent Associated Press story, the advertisers are looking more deeply into to what you search for, then you may think. They are analyzing thing that apper to be unrelated and coming up with things you might like.

According to the article there are some things that the advertisers are sensitive to, and those are cancer and HIV. Glad to know that they are sensitive to something.

But, as the story points out, we were upset by GMail advertising but now don’t even notice it.

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