Tearing up the New Yorker, and other publications

Am I supposed to only read where I have access to a pen? Or to the Internet? Or am I supposed to read all publications on-line? I ask this, because, in the last few years, I have found that there is a link for more information in everything I read. This would be fine if I were reading the publication on-line, or if I were reading it where I had immediate internet access.

I have taken to tearing out pages from the New Yorker, so that I can refer to them later when I am near a computer. I have been taking the business section of the newspaper into my office, so I can check out things that are mentioned. But sometimes, since I read in more rooms in the house than I have the computer, the pieces that I have taken out of the New Yorker or the San Jose Mercury News doesn’t make it into my office. They sit on my nightstand in my bedroom, or in the bathroom, or in the living room, waiting to make their way to the device that will tell me what more I could learn, if I only went on-line.

When i complained about this, to two collegues, they said they just read all the news and magazines on-line, and that solves the problem. But I don’t like to do that. I enjoy reading the New Yorker at night, as I go to sleep, and the newspaper in the morning at breakfast.

Ah well, just another problem to be solved by carrying a wireless device with me at all times.

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