Tax Deductions

Another writer friend of mine, Chris Finnie,deducts her cable, because, as a writer, she has to write about current trends, and what better way to check on trend, than on TV. Me, I haven’t had cable or any kind of connection to my television until I moved up into these hills, where I can’t get regular reception. I have missed out on about 14 years of television shows and trends. The only show that is still on, that I used to watch is the Simpsons.. Oh sure, I’m aware that there are other shows out there, because I read the newspaper, and read magazines, but I haven’t seen them, so don’t know the catch phrases that are going around.

This was discussed by Heidi MacDonald recently, in her column in Comic Buyers Guide. (And I would link it if I could, but she doesn’t appear to have an online achieve.) She, like me, knows all the phrases from her childhood, but doesn’t know the more recent ones, because she just hasn’t had the time to watch tv.

So in that sense, Chris is right. TV, and Cable are the only ways to stay in touch with he current trends.

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