Talk like a pirate and a time traveler

Boing Boing this last week listed a great site for Talk like a Pirate day. I first heard about this reading Dave Berry’s column, but never actually ran into anyone talking like a pirate. Might have to do with me working in my home office. The UK site give some useful phrases, to sprinkle your text in, which I am sure would make my clients think twice about calling me on Wednesday

But what I noticed on the Good Morning Silicon Valley blog was the mention of a day I hadn’t heard of. The pretend to be a time traveler day. Now, this I could get into, as I have often felt as though I was in the wrong time. The day to do this is Dec. 8. You can’t tell anyone you are a time traveler, you just et to act as though you are the wrong place, and wrong time.

One version that they didn’t mention was dressing very much as though you came from this time period, but from a catalog. I remember seeing one such woman waiting at the corner, a while back, who was dressed impeccably, only no one ever dressed like that, not really, not in day to day life. I remember thinking that she looked as though she had read about the costume to wear, and had put it on. Rather like wearing a swim suit to the mall. Yes, you can wear it, but just not there.

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