System 9 vs System X on the Mac

It took getting a new computer that already had System X on it to make me switch. System X is so completely different there is even a book called “Moving to Mac OS X Painlessly”. I got that when I thought I was going to go over to that site, that was when OS X first came out. However, my poor G4 is still in OS 9.2 and all my other Mac machines are in 10, and I’m glad I did it that

For some reason, not everyone has switched over, and until they do, I still need to check things in OX9 and I still sometimes need to send from OS9, and recently I discovered that fonts are different on the two systems and you can’t send your fonts from one to the other, without someone saying, oh, that doesn’t work (it works up but not down).

What is funny is that we need a manual at all. I remember my first Mac. I went to a computer store, back in 1984, when they first came out, and I asked how hard it was to work. The salesman said “You turn it on, here. You put her disk in here”. And that was it. Of course, Robin Williams came out with her “Little Mac Book” and is now up to the Panther Edition, as well as “the Mac is not a typewriter” which was so important when people didn’t quite understand about desktop publishing.

Of course, there is my mother, who does use her computer like a typewriter. She types up her document, prints it out, and then closes without saving. :)

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