System 9 vs System X on the Mac Part V

I believe I have mentioned before that a lot of people are on the fence as to whether to change to System X. Some do not do it because they would have to upgrade their computers. Some don’t do it, because everything is working fine in System 9 and won’t work in System X. Others don’t do it because they haven’t had a need. I have three associates all in those states.

The first one told me that her Palm Pilot will not work in System X.3. She has called and written, and nothing will work. Apparently other things don’t work in System X.3, and Apple is no longer selling X.2, and so she is stuck, for now, in System 9. She laments the fact that she is falling behind, but she doesn’t want to go out and buy a new Palm, when it it is working just fine. She said she doesn’t even like System X.3. She wishes Apple was still selling X.2, because the likes the interface better. When I told her a new version of Microsoft Office for the Mac was coming out soon, she sighed and said, “Well, now I’m going to be two generations behind.”

The second friend just can’t afford to upgrade to System X, because she would have to buy a new computer, and she doesn’t relish spending the money. But so many programs, such as Macromedia’s Suite, are now only available in System X she finds she can’t go after some jobs. She is at a loss as to what to do.

Then there is my third friend, who has felt that she hasn’t had the need. She has been reluctant in the past to upgrade at all, until she is forced to, kicking and screaming, by clients who have upgraded and want to give her work to do. She recently upgraded to Quark 5.0, because one of her clients was on Quark 6, and needed to give her files, and could save back one level. The other day she called to ask me about Acrobat 6.0. Ah, Acrobat 6.0. The reason I finally had to upgrade to System X. Acrobat 6.0 only works in System X. When I told her that, she sighed. I don’t know what she plans to do, but I think she will finally have to upgrade.

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