System 9 vs System X on the Mac Part IV

As I said earlier in the week, there are still people who have not switched over to System X from System 9. For a while I even knew someone who was still in System 8, because they had such an old system, but they have since changed. How do they cope with a world that is rapidly changing, where programs are now only available in System X?

Well, some have two computers, a lap top and a full size Mac, and they run System X on the laptop, but keep the more familiar System 9 as their main machine. One client I know made the switch, but didn’t bother upgrading all their programs, such as Quark, and so have to keep going to “classic” mode when they run Quark. It is an odd way to go.

Then there is one client who has two computers, but they are both still in System 9. She called me the other day because she wanted to know what the latest Quark was up to. When I told her 6, she was shocked. She had gotten a file, and been unable to open it because it was in 6, but she could open it in 5, if they saved it back to 5, so that solved the problem, but she wasn’t’ planning to do more than use 5 to save it back to 4, from what she was saying. What a waste. I have had to do the same, myself. Saving back to 5, opening in 5 and saving back to 4, simply because many of my vendors still don’t take anything higher than 4. This will not be a problem for my client, as she is still in System 9, and will probably adjust to 5 quite easily, but for me, I have to keep going in classic mode, and I don’t like it.

Yes, there are still a few programs that are only in classic mode and will never be upgraded. FrameMaker, according to Adobe, is not going to upgraded beyond 7 for the Mac. So, I had to gasp buy the 7.1 version for my lone wintel machine. I was using it the other day, for the added features that are not on the Mac, and wondering what the world was coming to.

On the other hand, I was poking around Adobe’s side and came across a product I’d never heard of, that was gasp available for the Mac, system X, InCopy CS. A new product, and it works on the Mac. Adobe hasn’t abandoned us completely.

It’s interesting. Apparently InCopy solves the problem of writers doing editing work, and not knowing the program that the design was done in. I haven’t used it yet, as I am not an editor, but it might be cool to work with someone who is using it, so that I wouldn’t have my designs tweaked.

And it only works in System X

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