System 9 vs System X on the Mac Part III

As I was saying yesterday, there is something that pushes you over the edge, to make the switch from System 9 to System X. What is interesting is, sometimes there is something something that doesn’t push you over the edge. I know people who haven’t yet switched from System 9, and I don’t think they will any time soon. Most of them are users of QuarkXPress.

QuarkXPress is very interesting. It came late into the market of Desktop Publishing, but it over took PageMaker and stayed at version 4.2 for years and years. Most programs change every year, or every two years, and so there are people who are always learning new things to do with the program. Quark, perhaps as a way to flood the market, kept to the same version for years and years. Everyone learned the program very well. So well, that despite the fact that Quark is now up to version 6.1, people still cling to version 4.2. This may be because when version 5 came out, there wasn’t any reason to buy it. Unlike more programs that were coming out at that time, version 5 wasn’t made to run in System X. If that was the case, why change, and so most people did not. I changed, because I always like to be on the cutting edge, but I found that most other places did not. Printers and Publishers and Magazines still requested that you deliver a Quark document in version 4.2, even today, when version 6.1 is out and works great with System X, most people are not using it.

So what do I do? I work in version 6.1 of Quark, save back to version 5. Then open version 5 and save that back to 4.2. Sheesh.

I’m glad that some of my clients are now using InDesign instead.

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