System 9 vs System X on the Mac Part II

There is, for people who finally do make the switch, something that pushes them over the edge. For some, it is a program that they must have, something that has been upgraded, and they have to have it because their clients use it, or want them to use it. Or, if you work in an office, the person in charge of making this decision has decided it for you. For me, it was Adobe Acrobat. I had been using Acrobat since the beginning, before the rest of the world discovered it, and I was still touting it’s benefits to friends. Ever since I became a freelancer, I have always bought the latest version of software, so that if a client asked, I could say "Yes, I have that, and know how to use it.”

So, I bought Acrobat, and learned, to late, that it only worked in System X, so I put it on my daughter’s iMac, which came with System X, and if I needed to do something in Acrobat 6, I would sneaker-net it, via zip disk, over to her computer, make a pdf, and sneaker-net it back. I could live with that, but I was frustrated.

The other frustrating program that came out was Studio MX. The first version didn’t say, as the present version does, that you must have System X. In theory, it should have worked, but instead, it was constantly crashing my System 9 machine. It was so annoying, so annoying because I was using Dreamweaver and Fireworks to do a lot of websites And it wouldn’t just crash at the beginning, which I could have lived with, but it would crash when I did something. Finally, I started doing my dreamweaver and fireworks on my daughter’s iMac.

So there I was, moving back and forth. I upgraded from a zip disk to a Pen Drive. Back and forth my chair rolled, as I checked email, and worked. Finally, I set up my daughter’s computer to get mail, and then I realized I was doing all my work on the iMac, and it was time to upgrade my G4.

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