Stupid things I have done late at night

I was going to write about pop-ups and how annoying they were, but decided to dedicate today’s blog to “Stupid mistakes one makes when one is tired”

I’m sure we have all done stupid things on the computer when we were tired.

One of my first mistakes was made back when the Mac didn’t had hard drives. Back when the Mac 512 was around, you just had floppy disks. One night, after I had worked up until some time in the middle of the night, writing a book, I thought, oh, I should back-up this latest version. So I took a blank disk and proceeded to copy the black disk onto the full disk. I couldn’t scream, because it was the middle of the night, and I didn’t want to wake the household, but I felt like throwing my computer out my window. I, however, had a earlier copy of the book, and I set back to work on that version.

The other day a colleague was trying to make space on her web server and deleted a new file that she had just put up there, and hadn’t bothered to make a back-up of. There was back-end programming done to it as well, so even if she found an earlier version, it wouldn’t be right. Fortunately for her, her programmer had a copy of everything.

My most recent folly was the other night. I was tired and the pdf I was making was taking far too long. I though, oh, I’ll just deleted that file, and start again. I went to my “Print Center” and deleted, you guessed it, the pdf driver.

Now, everyone raise their hands who knows how to get that back. I went first to the Apple Support site, and searched under Print Center, but couldn’t find, quite, the answer to my problem. I went to Adobe support, because, Acrobat is their product, but they were useless for this search as well.

Finally I emailed my “Mac Guy” (who I would give the url for, if he had one), and he figured it out. The answer is at Planet PDF. It was such a strange, never though of answer, that I’m going to list it here:

  1. Quit Acroabt and Print Center if they are running.
  2. Delete the application that’s installed in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/
  3. Launch Acrobat 6. You will be prompted to authenticate the installer by entering your password.
  4. Launch Printer Center and verify that Adobe PDF has been added to the printer list.

Who would have thought of that?

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