Stupid technical support from H.P.

This is as opposed to smart technical support.  Let me explain that I appreciate that businesses have to charge for support sometimes. I can get behind that. My HP 3800 printer developed a problem, the dreaded 50.8 fuser error. What the printer tells you, is to call technical support.  So, being a good little consumer I did. I answered all the questions about who I was and when I purchased the printer and was told it was out of warranty and would have to pay for tech support. Again, I can get behind that. So I agreed, and the woman came on, and told me to do the same thing that the printer had said to do, which was turn the devise off and on and remove the fuser and put it back in. For this I paid a fricking $35. I said, “but I have already done that, that is what the printer error message said to do.  “Oh,” she said. “Then you have to buy a new one.”

So, HP dings me for an extra $35 so they can tell me that I have to buy a new fuser? What sort of crap is that?

They then had the gal to ask if I wanted to purchase it from them. No offer of a discount or anything. I thanked them and hung up.

As much as I love HP printers, I really have to think about dropping the kind of money I did on this last one, on a new one from HP.

The new fuser, from HP is $256. It is less on-line. I am still thinking about fixing it.

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