Strange sites I and weekend throughts

Strange and funny sites

Of course we all pass around odd sites on the various email lists that I belong to. Some sites are strange. Some sites make you laugh. Some sites make you wonder if you or they should go out and get a life. Here are a few that I’ve come across recently.

  • Submissive Chicken . I understand this site is extremely popular. Tell the chicken to do something rude and it will shake it’s finger at you.
  • Ride through Chernobyl Very strange. Takes your breath away.
  • This was the one that was posted on my email list: virtual bubble wrapand this is the one I found in Google. The original virtual bubble wrap Many exist, so I guess there has to be an original. Who would have know so many existed?
  • Eric Myers has a strange media humor which is quite good, as well as one with just CNN goofs.
  • This site was one I loved to read for a good laugh, bad baby names.
  • A print publication, The Wave, has the funniest columnist, SeanBaby. I sometimes can’t stop laughing at his stuff. Case in point are his video reviews, such as the Turkish Wizard of Oz and the Turkish Star Trek. I was rereading them, just to check them out, and I couldn’t stop laughing, again. My daughter shot me look.
  • The Donald Rumsfeld poetry CD. Don’t know what more I can say about this. Very weird stuff. Songs made from some of his speeches.
  • Funny phrases in different languages.

Sunday Pictures

What things inspire me? I don’t know, but this is what I see looking around right now.

Cat in the window:


Cat on my printer


and my 9 year old daughter’s newest painting on my office wall.


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