Stores are gone, when you don’t support and them, and even when you do

Even before the economy started going south, it was hard for small businesses to survive. My favorite bookstore closed a few years back, and I still miss it. A Habitat for Humanity is in the same space now. One of the things the owner reminded me, when she was closing down, was that if every person who walked into the store just bought one thing, she might still have been in business.

Since then, I have made sure that if I walk into a store I want to remain, I busy something. Only thing is, having me as a patron is not enough. My favorite yarn store closed in January. I spent quite a bit of time and money there, and miss it horribly. It is odd to think that I can't just run down and buy new yarn any time I want. I now have to drive all the way into Santa Cruz to find what I want.

I was reminded of vanishing stores when my morris team was creating our new vests. We had thought we had many shops to choose from for material, but found that all but a few had closed, so we didn't have quite the variety in vests that we had wanted. One member said that an auto shop that he liked to go to had closed as well.

There is no real solution, other then to shop local, something I believed in even before the recession, and believe in even more these days.

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