Back when the Mac came out, back in 1984, they came with no harddrive. None. My first freelance job earned me one. I think I made all of $400, and I bought a 40MB hardrive. Now for the same amount of money I can buy (and have bought)
an 80Gb harddrive.

What the Mac used, back then, was diskettes, which was quite different from the large discs that most pcs were using. For a while, it was so hot, to have those little diskettes. Programs used to come on those, when they could fit. I remember one program, I think it was PageMaker, that came on about eight diskettes. Now, of course, they come on CDs, or over the internet, but then, that was not possible, as most people did not have cd drives, as hard as that is to imagine.

And now adays, most people don’t have diskette drives at all. One has to buy them separately. And the new G5 doesn’t even have a zip drive, which is so wonderful for giving people files on. Sure it is easy to cut a CD, but they aren’t reusable, while zips are. sigh

Ah the zip. I love zip drives. They came out just when people were wondering how the heck they were going to put all their files on something and move them to something or somewhere else. Sure, there were other things out there, but the zip soon became standard, everyone had one, both pcs and Macs. In fact, I still do sneaker net between my PC and Mac on a zip drive.

I can understand, however, why people are buying and using CDs thought. CDs are really cheap, pennies, while zip disks are around $15 to $20 each, and you have to fight to get them back from whomever you sent it to. CDs, you don’t have to care.

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