Spring has sprung, and other thoughts for a Saturday

Yes, I’m going to talk about the usual things, but thought I would show you out my back window.

This is what my back deck looks like. The Plum blossoms are raining down like

And here is the culprit, the wild plum tree blooming like a fluffy ball of snow.

In the News

I noticed that even though Yahoo has been charging all along to get good placement, according to the March 12th issue of the Silicon Valley Biz Ink, Yahoo will do no more freebies. They will now charge you $10-49 per web page indexed. But on the other hand, according the article Microsoft MSN and Ask Jeeves has been doing that for a while. For the moment, Google doesn’t.

Also in that issue was an article by Keith Teare, the CEO of Santa Cruz Networks, about EoIP. VoIP is Voice-over-Internet-Protocol. What the author is saying that soon, it just won’t be just voice, but software that can carry video, data, everything. Teare says that his company is currently using this “Everything over IP” for communicating. I can’t wait until this gets down to the consumer level. Perhaps I’ll finally
get my mother to communicate over the internet after all.

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