Spending time with your family, when you freelance Part II

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the difficulty to balancing work and home life. Back in the days when men worked and women stayed home, if such a time existed, it was easy enough for men to just come home and be in the family and that was it.

But as Virginia Woolf mentioned in "A Room of One’s Own" it is hard to work on what you love if you have a family, and this is true as a freelancer as well. It is hard to work, and spend time with your kids and partner. It is especially hard in this Internet era when people feel they have access to you every day, even weekends.

One of the things I have tried to do, as I got busy, was make sure I don’t work on weekends. I can usually get most of Saturday off, and most of Sunday, although I do check during the day, just to make sure there isn’t something I’m missing.

But, it helps to just get up and get away from the computer from time to time, especially in summer.

So juggle your time, and take advantage of the thing that makes freelancing fun, the ability to stop work and go for a walk, or go on a trip, or do anything.

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