Spending time with your family, when you freelance Part I

I love reading "Love and Money" in the Wall Street Journal by Jeff Opdyke. He often goes through the same sort of things that i have to go through. As a freelancer, he has to deal with working at home, and being expected to do house-hold chores, or taking the kid to soccer, or just being there in the evening.

It is a hard balance. I used to have a client in Holland, which is nine hours ahead of the me (on PST), and I would get up at three in the morning to talk to her. To do this, I would go to bed at 8:30pm, and get up at three. This worked fine, as long as I got my kid to bed on time. When I didn’t, then I ran into troubles. And I had to make sure I didn’t get sick. Another freelancer, faced with the same problem, just stayed until until midnight, something I didn’t even try, but should have, as it made more sense. In fact, these days, as my kid has gotten older, I find that staying up past her bedtime is easier than getting up early.

But, back to the balance. For years she has seen me going into my office, and sitting here working, after she got home from school. Her computer is in my office as well, and as she has gotten older, she has gotten more interested in my work.

Who knows, perhaps the way to spend time with your family is to employ them.

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