Speed vs. Accuracy

This seems like a weird question, doesn’t it? Which is better, Speed or Accuracy?  Accuracy actually wins each time, even though clients will sometimes try to lead you to believe that they need it now, now now, and that’s all they want.

But, one of the things.that I have learned from many years in the print world, the first time is the only time to get it right. With print, if it was wrong, even though you made the deadline, it is still wrong. This is like the story of the Olympic Bid Poster for San Francisco with the misspelling on it.

The problem, or rather the good thing about the web, is a mistake isn’t as permanent but it is still not a good thing. It reflects badly on the company. Better to take your time, and get it up right the first time. I know some people like a staging server or to make copies of everything they update so that if they mess up the page, they can go back and fix it.

The best advice, I guess I can give, is to always run spell check, always check, and look at it with your client’s eye, just not your own. It is a reflection of them as well as you.

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