Spammers get nine years

There was report today that they finally put a spair of spammers on trail and have sentenced them to nine years. Their lawyer was outraged. But for all of us who have gotten spam, I think they should have been hung by their thumbs for those nine years.  Yes, it does sound bad, but then, spam is something more than just an annoyance. It also could destroy the internet. My poor ISP, which has to handle all the spam it gets for all its clients says that it has jumped to such a large amount it is putting a strain on his servers. Who knows what it is doing to the internet in general.

Granted the most recent junk, trying to sell me a Rolex watch is an annoyance, more than anything, but while I am deleting mail, I sometimes have to read the stuff just to make sure I’m not deleting a potential client. Once I get a client, I always filter them, but until then…

I have one client who has any subject line with "photo" go directly into her junk filter. I know another that has "hi" as one of her filters. It is crazy. And I have my Junk folder set to dump mail after three days. Unless I check, sometimes good mail gets in there.

So was the jury crazy to set the sentence to nine years? Perhaps, but perhaps they are just as fed up with all the junk that is out there.

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