Spam stuff

It’s time for the “No Duh” awards, I think. I saw an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel that said “Anit-Spam Law not helping much.” I could have told them that. No way are the spammers going to play by the same rules as the telemarketers. What was the government thinking when they were thinking about this at all.

All they would really have had to do, rather than have this survey, is to talk to my local ISP. I’m not going to name him here, because who knows if the spammers are going to skim from blogs. I was chatting with him, and he said that the spam had increased 100% since the start of the year, so much so that he had to get a new server for mail just to handle it all.

Even with *two* filters on my incoming mail, I’m still getting it. I have a spam filter that the IPS provides called MIMEDefrang and I use the one that comes with Eudora 6.0. I cant’ imagine what my in box would be without them.

I would probably go without mail, the way my mother has.

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